Glowing Candle Wedding Favours

Introduction: Glowing Candle Wedding Favours

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Step 1: I'm Using...

A silhouette portrait for the chopping part.
A cheap fake candle for the glowing part.
Some double sided tape and some electric tape.
Some card and some ribbon.

Step 2: The L.E.D

I start by taking apart the candle, the L.E.D flickers all by its-self so no smart stuff needed to be done. I've done away with the switch and curled up the stems on the L.E.D to create a good contact with the battery, then just placed is as shown on the battery. If it doesn't light up switch the contacts the other way. A diode will only pass voltage through one way. :)

Step 3: The Diffuser

This adds more of a glowing effect, cut the plastic flame short enough to cover the L.E.D then simply push it over the bulb. Please except size caution with the blade. The plastic flame may shoot off when chopped so place something big and soft around your cutting area to catch it :).

Step 4: The Flat Box

This I designed myself using the software that came with the machine, and have stuck double sided tape where shown to keep it all together. If you are looking to make one of these aren't comfortable making your design, let me know and I will try and get a copy of the file to you. :) If you don't have a silhouette or similar you could try cutting your own with a knife but it may be quite time consuming.

Step 5: Get Folding :)

It's probably the most fun bit, you get to see it all coming together :) it's good old fashioned origami :D

Step 6: Foil It Up.

I found the reflective foil helped to spread the glow :) I then popped a long piece of card through the box and tucked it between one of the legs of the LED and the battery, this acts as a switch so that when I am ready I can start the glow. Then I stick the electronics down securely with more double sided tape.

Step 7: Finishing Touches.

There is room in the box for a small roll of sweets :D then I close the box up and tie a bow.

Step 8: It Glows!!! :D

Just pull the tag out and it's off! At this point it's been glowing for 3 days. And looks really impressive I think. It's a shame the photos don't really do it justice but if I win this contest I will do a reshoot, it's also really hard to capture the flicker but the effect is quite candle like, I hope that the recipients of these won't fear opening them >.<

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    Nice Instructable.

    You might want to consider having the interior white by using white paper, paint, or other means since you really want to look through the stencil at a lighted surface. Foil tries to get the light out and you really want to keep it in. An alternate approach is to put white tissue paper over the stencil opening from behind.

    Keep creating!