Glowing Ghoul

Introduction: Glowing Ghoul

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I love fall out to I decided to do a ghoul! I also really wanted to play with my black light paints. =P

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Step 1: Face Start

I filled in my face with green body paint, Then mapped out my look with a white eyeliner.

Step 2: Nose

Using dark green shadow I started putting that inside the nose, then I grabbed black eye shadow to deepen it up, I also drug some of that color around the nose, and I used the eyeliner to highlight.

Step 3: Mouth

I filled in the teeth with white body paint, then I filled in the rest with black body paint, I also took a detail brush with black to outline.

Step 4: Mouth Details

Using green body paint I put the lines around the mouth, I also used green eye shadow to shadow and the white eyeliner to highlight.

Step 5: HOles

To fill in the holes I used the green eye shadow again, to deepen them I used black eye shadow on one side, then I used the white eyeliner to highlight.

Step 6: Holes

taking white eyeliner I highlighted the outside of the holes, then I used the green eye shadow to make the lines coming off the holes.

Step 7: Shading

I contoured out my temples with that green eye shadow, and I used that shadow to give myself eyebrow bones and an angry expression.

Step 8: Eyes

I filled in my eyes with the nyx jumbo liner in Milk, then I set it with some white eye shadow.

Step 9: Body

I filled in my body with that green, then I used that green eye shadow AGAIN to contour out my bones n' stuff.


I used some green neon paint on my holes, brows, chest, and nose.

Step 11: Last Step

I added white neon paint to my eyes, teeth, and chest.

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    3 years ago

    they're actually called glowing ones


    Reply 3 years ago

    I had said I didn't quit remember what they were called.