Glowing Glass Lanterns

Finding the right type of lighting for a party can be difficult. The shape of the lantern isn't right or the colours aren't quite what you were looking for. These DIY Glowing Glass Lanterns are the solution. Use jars of any shape and size and glow sticks that perfectly match your theme. Your guests will definitely be impressed!

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Step 1: Collect Materials and Equipment


1 x Glass Jar and Lid

1 x Glow Stick


1 x Scissors

Step 2:

Collect the glow stick and activate as normal.

Step 3:

Using the scissors, carefully cut the glow stick in half.

You may want to wear gloves and cover your work surface for this step to avoid coming into contact with the glowing liquid.

Step 4:

Collect the jar and the glow stick.

Carefully tip the contents of the glow stick into the jar.

Step 5:

Place the lid onto the jar.

Step 6:

Shake the jar to distribute the glowing liquid around the sides.

Step 7:

Turn the lights off and watch the lantern glow!

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