Glowing Halloween Eyes

Introduction: Glowing Halloween Eyes

Ever had the feeling that someone is watching you? These glowing eyes will help you re-creating this unsettling feeling at your next halloween party. Super simple and quick to make, they are sure to scare any guest that walks passed.

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Step 1:


Cardboard Cylinders

Glow Sticks




Step 2:

Collect the cardboard cylinder and pencil.

Draw an outline of the eyes onto one side of the cardboard cylinder.

These can be any type of eyes you want, however the larger and less detailed they are, the easier they are to cut out later.

Step 3:

Carefully cut out the inside of the eyes using the scissors or a craft knife.

Step 4:

Attach the cardboard cylinders to the wall.

Step 5:

Activate the glow sticks and place them inside the cardboard cylinders.

Turn off the lights and watch the eyes come to life!

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