Glowing Jar

Introduction: Glowing Jar

This instructable is a how-to-make glow jar! Its simple and fun to make for parties.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1 Mason Jar, if you don't have the top then use plastic wrap ( I didn't use the plastic wrap)


A table to work on (It gets a bit messy)


Step 2: 1 Step and Done

Now that you have all the materials, First take the glue sticks and cut the tops off. There is no real easy way to do this, its messy. Then simply pour the liquid into the jar, you can get creative with how you pour the inside of the glue stick into the jar and make splatters and add sparkles. Once you pour it into the jar, cap it with the top of the jar or use plastic wrap. Once you cap the jar shake it up and watch it glow. Have fun!

Warning! Use Gloves! The liquid stains, and poisonous so keep away from mouth and eyes.

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