Glowing Jelly




Intro: Glowing Jelly

Here is a way to make your jelly glow. This will bring an extra something to your Halloween party by giving off wobbling light .

Step 1: Before You Start

This project involves putting small non edible parts in food. Make sure you remove all these parts before you give this to a child.

As we are going to be leaving the LED with the battery in the jelly. The battery will run out after a while so make this in the morning of the day you want to serve it so your battery does not die before you serve it.

Step 2: ​Collect the Materials:

You will need:

A pack of jelly

Jelly mold(s)

LEDs (any colour although I used the colours of my jelly's)

Coin cell battery's (3v)

tape (I used electrical in this instructable but sellotape works too)

long pens or pencils

fishing string

Step 3: Make Jelly Mixture

Make up the jelly mixture as it says on the pack and if you want add some more gelatin at this point or don't add as much water as it says in the instructions to speed up the setting of the jelly because you will only have a limited time before the batterys die. pour the jelly into the molds and leave to cool to room temprature

Step 4: Prepare the LEDs

While the Jelly is cooling to room temperature tape one end of a 10 cm piece of fishing string to one of the pencils or pens and the other to one of the battery's. Do this for all your LED's and battery's. Once the jelly is down to room temperature push the LED onto the battery so it lights up and so it is pointing downwards. Place the LED into the jelly so it is in about the center of the jelly. Put your jelly in the fridge and wait.

Step 5: Serve

Take the jelly(s) out of the fridge after 9 hours cut or remove the stings from the jelly's and turn them over onto a plate.

Step 6: Enjoy

Enjoy your tasty jelly's and make sure to take out the battery's + LED's before eating.



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    3 Discussions

    Cool. I wanted to try making my Monster Snot jelly dessert glow, but wasn't sure how to do it. Thanks for sharing this. =)


    Reply 3 years ago

    yes they do! you just can't take any good photos of them because they are too bright.