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Introduction: Glowing Kids Table IKEA


this is my first intractable and a just simple one. But actually I wanted to show what I have done with the kids and I think this is a good and nice idea to start other more advanced projects.

materials I use:

an old Akku I had lying around

an old Mammut table from IKEA which was very dirty (and still is)

a simple and cheap Push Button I bought in the local shop

an flexible USB LED strip and some tools.

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Step 1: Open the Table

the first step was to open the table plate. Which was not so hard as there are just two plastic parts which need to be separated. Do this on the edges with screwdrivers and be careful not to destroy the plastic too much.

Step 2: Find the Best Place for the LEDs

I decided to place the flexible USB LED strip not exactly in the middle of the table. More or less due to the short cable and I wanted to have the push button on the side of the table so the kids can easily access it.

Step 3: Add a Push Button to the LEDs

I wanted to have the LEDs to be switchable. As the flexible USB LED strip did not have any push button and the Akku also did not have any possibility I needed to add a button.

Just slice the USB cable of the flexible USB LED strip and cut one of the cables. This cable I connected to the button connectors and thats it.

Step 4: Holes in the Table

pull holes into the upside part of the table and connect the button there.

Step 5: Recharging the Akku

I did not want to have to open the plastic each time the kA is empty so I found an ole USB cable which I connected to the charging port of the Akku. This is fed thru an additional hole to the outside. So its possible for my kids to recharge the akkupack inside the table without any help.

wrapped around a leg its almost invisible. ;-)

Step 6: Turn on and Enjoy

this was a fairly easy project but I think its a nice one.

You can do a lot of stuff with akku packs available - they are not only to charge your electronically gadgets.

have fun and let me know your feedback in the comments. (sorry for the bad image - will upload better ones later)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for the comment. I will make some more images today and upload them. I will try to get better quality. Actually the table looks pretty nice and my kids like it very much. ;-)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    nice, thanks for sharing this great idea - do you have more photos to share with us?