Glowing Led Science Flask

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In this instructable you'll learn to build a glowing LED science flask with the arduino IDE, a gemma and some code for less than $50.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

Step 2: Electronics Construction

You'll need to follow the Gemma guide to setup the arduino IDE and the board libraries for your gemma. After that, it's a matter of wiring the connections from gemma to the connections on the LED ring and you're ready to attach it to the bottom of your flask with glue.

Step 3: Programming Your Gemma/flora/trinket

copy this code into your arduino IDE and load it to your controller device:

Step 4: Finish the Flask With Liquid to Create the Ultimate Science Accessory!

  • Break open a few glowsticks and add them to a mixture of liquid soap and water until the flask is at the level you want. The color isn't really important as the LEDs will change the color entirely based on their color.
  • wrap the wire around the flask
  • run a chain through it to create a great costume accessory that will amaze!



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