Glowing "One Ring" Inscription Pendant




Introduction: Glowing "One Ring" Inscription Pendant

There is a lot of LOTR themed, and "One Ring" jewellery out there. I wanted to make one with a difference, So I decided to make a round pendant, with a black background circled by the inscription from Sauron's Ring of Power, but glowing in the dark!

Step 1: Materials Needed;

You will need the following;

-Inkjet water slide decal paper
-UV resin (Resin which hardens under a UV light)
-A UV light (I used a cheap UV nail box)
-Glow in the Dark Powder (I used Orange)
-Mixing Tray
-Mixing Stick
-Acrylic Sealing Spray
-A pendant Bezel
-Mixing tray
-Mixing stick

Step 2: Getting Started

Once you find the design you like (in my case the One Ring inscription), resize it in Microsoft Word to a suitable size and print it out on your decal paper.

-The decal paper is fairly cheap, and I got mine on Amazon UK, just remember to put the right side down when printing!
-The decal paper itself comes in two forms, transparent and white. I chose the transparent version so that anything white in my design becomes transparent when the decal is separated from the backing sheet. Perfect for what I want to do!

Step 3: Preparing the Bezel

While the ink is drying (the decal paper is even glossier than photopaper) it's time to prepare the bezel itself.

-Squeeze out around a teaspoon worth of your resin into a clean, dust free mixing dish

-Add a tiny amount of glow powder and mix slowly to a uniform consistency. The key here is to add enough powder to colour the resin, but little enough to leave it translucent. This is to allow the UV light to penetrate right through the layer of resin, hardening the whole thing.

-Slowly scoop your newly coloured resin into your bezel. Fill it right to the top. Any overfill can be easily wiped up with a tissue.

-If there are any air bubbles at this point, waving a small flame over the surface will pop them instantly. You don't want bubbles in the finished product, so destroy them now!

-Place your filled bezel under the UV light. As this was a low power light, it takes around 6 minutes to harden. Higher powered lights can do it in under 1!

-You will now have a glass smooth filling of glow in the dark resin!

Step 4: The Decal!

Now it's time to apply the decal!

-Cut around the decal once the ink is dried, and spray with acrylic sealing spray. This is necessary as my printer uses water based ink, and so must be sealed before being submerged in water to remove the backing sheet.

-A small amount of additional material is left as a border. This will be completely transparent when applied, and helps to position the decal.

-After 10 minutes, the spray is dry and the decal is ready to go!

-Submerge the decal in water for 30-45 seconds.

-Using your thumb, slide the design a very small distance off the backing paper. Place the on the bezel, and use a paintbrush to gently tease the decal off the paper onto the pendant, while slowly sliding the paper in the opposite direction.

-There are some small bumps visible at this stage while the decal is wet. Use a wet paintbrush, moving from the centre to the edges, and these will smooth out.

-Almost finished now!

Step 5: Charge It Up!

All that is left to do is charge it under a light for 30 seconds or so, and watch it glow with all the power of Mordor!

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, I really love this idea! If I may make a suggestion, I would also tell people to try using clear injket labels. It might be easier since its peel and stick. Other than that I never thought of something like this. Again great idea.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is great, I'm sure I'll make one if I can get the materials, one question, though- does it have to be UV resin, or would glow paint or glow powder in regular resin work as well? Just wondering if there's a specific reason you used UV resin ^-^


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there! Sorry it took so long to reply, I had actually replied last night, but it doesn't seem to have submitted properly!

    To answer your questions;
    The glowing powder would work perfectly well in normal resin. I chose the UV hardening variety for a few reasons:

    -The 2 part resin has to be mixed and, depending on the brand it is anything from a 50:50 ratio right down to a 1:100 ratio, it can get messy and awkward, especially for very small amounts.
    -The 2 part resin can take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours to harden depending on brand, temperature and humidity of your workspace.
    -The 2 part resin can be extremely smelly, and the fumes can be toxic, requiring you to wear a bulky respirator
    - a regular mask will not do. And the UV one is completely odor free.

    I hope this answers your questions, if you need anything else just let me know!