Glowing Snowball

Introduction: Glowing Snowball

Want that special someone to really see that snowball coming as it is about to hit them? Looking for that right lighting for your snow fort? Want the neighbors to think you have a fire in your igloo? Here it is, the Glowing Snowball. Easy to make and fun to play with.

This instructable is a combination of ideas from Joshua Zimmerman ( and Cool Cat. We have e-mailed Joshua in the past and he gave us some great ideas. While Cool Cat was building his fort we morphed one of Joshua's ideas with Cool Cats idea and came up with the Glowing Snowball (Cool was calling it the Arkenstone).

Step 1: Materials

3v Coin Battery
-CR 2032
Electrical Tape
-We suggest white to blend in with the snow better.
-Most any color will work
-Blue would look pretty cool

Step 2: Wrap It Up

Connect the longer leg (+) of the LED to the positive (+) side of the coin battery.
Connect the shorter leg (-) to the negative side (-) of the coin battery.
Wrap the electrical tape tightly around the battery to hold legs in place.
Cover all exposed wire with electrical tape.

Step 3: Make Snowball

Scoop up some snow.
Place LED with battery into middle of snow.
Press snow together and around the LED to form a ball.

Step 4: Find That Perfect Spot

Climb into your fort, igloo, and / or hiding spot.

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy your own Glowing Snowball!

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