Glowing Art 2.0

Introduction: Glowing Art 2.0

About: Hi, my name is Jan and I am a maker, I love building and creating things and I am also quite good at repairing stuff. Since I can think I've always loved creating new things and thats what i keep on doing till…

I rebuilded my old glowing painting after I broke it, the new version looks much better and it was much easier to build. So this is the new instructable, I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: The Frame

If you start with nothing you have to build a frame out of some wood and glue. It is really easy, you cut 4 wooden pieces to the right size and glue them together with some "Holzleim". You can either build the frame first or, like I did, you can start with the picture and build a frame that has the right size for it afterwards. Make sure that the wooden pieces have straight ends before you glue them together. on the other picture you can see the things,that I used to build it.

Step 2: The Motif

This time my motif was much simplier than last time, so I did only need 10 minutes to draw it. To make the ground for it, I took 3 DinA4 sheets and taped them up. I drew the skyline and the letters with a pencil, then i drew it again with a black marker. I cut out the letters and the buildings and I had my motif. I glued some new baking paper on the frame and then I glued my motive on it.

Step 3: The Lights

Installing the lights is like in the 1.0 version,you grab some Led-stripe pieces, a 12 Volt power supply and build the easiest curciut you can build. I used Rgb-LED-stripes and i din't use a switch. I soldered everything together and fixed it on the frame with some hotglue. Finish! :)

Step 4: The Final Product

My final product looks great and I really like it, I hope you like it ,too. It is an easy project for boring afternoons and I think that everybody can build it :).

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