Glowing Fire Salts (skyrim)





Introduction: Glowing Fire Salts (skyrim)

I have seen a bunch of how to's on making fire salts but I haven't seen any that actually glow. So I sat down and came up with one for all the fans and those who just want something to light the night. This is my first instructable so please let me know what you think.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

instant paper mâché. Michaels $25

Plastic tea lights. Any dollar store $1

Paints. Any crafts store. Prices vary

Some type of clear dome

Ashland Coarse decorative sand. Michaels $3

Glue gun (low temp)

*Some items might seem pricy but you can get multiple uses out of them

Step 2: Creating Your Bowl

For this instructable I kept it real simple. I found a small plastic bowl from the dollar store. Cover it with the paper mâché mix, let it dry for a day, removed the plastic bowl. Now you should have your bowl!! I didn't fill in the cracks or smooth the bumps because it gave the bowl a better look.

You can also paint the bowl at this time.

Step 3: Creating You Glowing Flame

This is where things got a little creative. So I took a tea light and removed its casing. Make sure you do not damage the light or wires. Then place a dome shaped cover over the light. I had some transparent Easter eggs laying around. I used the bottom half and place it over the light to make sure it fits. Next create a base to hold it all together. I used a foam sheet that had an adhesive back. Once everything is holding together, test the light out to make sure it still works.

Step 4: Now Adding the Sand

At this point you will be adding the sand to the dome. To do this simply hey hot glue onto the dome and press the glue into the Sand. repeat it until the dome completely covered.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

To make it look like all one piece I put and sand around the area where you could see the gap between the bowl and the dome. I used plastic to keep from gluing it down for good. You will have to remove the dome piece to turn the light on and off. (Still trying to find a way to avoid this part).

Step 6: Finished Product..... Enjoy



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    2 years ago

    A friendly suggestion upload the video from step 6 on youtube and link it back to the instructable .

    you could also pick up one of those cheap door alarms from the dollar store and remove the reed switch from it and make it activate only when a magnet comes in contact with the bottom of the bowl for some fun of you have never seen a reed switch they look like a small glass tube with wire in them

    2 replies

    Neat idea! I may use this info for some of my cake and sugar art effects - hiding the switches is always a pita!

    Embedding a magnet in an arcane-looking ring would turn this version into a neat piece of 'magic'.

    Excellent instructable! Seems like the dome is the easiest solution, though I do find the recommendations from the other users interesting.. Thanks so much!

    When your making the bowl, make a hole to be able to replace candle and turn on and off. make a cover so candle doesn't show or fall out.

    Perhaps use parts from an inexpensive solar-powered yard light? Find one that uses the same voltage as the LED candle, then incorporate the panel into the bottom of the bowl. Place upside down in sunlight to charge and rightside up to turn on.

    If I were to build this I would probably drill a hole in the bottom and install a momentary switch to the light so it would automatically turn on when placed down. Only thing is it would have to be stored upside down so the battery wouldn't die. You could also drill a hole in the side and wire a wall charger into it. Cool project!

    1 reply

    I thought on that last night. What I came up with is installing a switch on the inside of the bowl. Hiding it within the sand under plastic. That way I can control when it's on and off. I plan on adding that part to this once a find some extra time.

    cool! now I don't have to find a bunch more of these for some guy's forge, I can craft 'em myself! :)

    About as long as kindling. Since the grounds will put off a coffee scent and are biodegradable. So around 15 or 20 minutes. But if you can't start a full fire within that time somethings wrong.

    This is awesome! I would have never thought to take the casing off the tea light!

    1 reply

    Thanks!! I also found a use for the casing too. I will show that in a future instructable. So keep those too!