Glowing Paper Flower

Introduction: Glowing Paper Flower

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Build this glowing table decoration with your kids! You will need two 2cm wide paper strips, a glue stick, a led and a 3V coin battery.

Step 1: Folding.

Prepare two long 2cm wide paper strips.

Place them at a right angle to each other and glue the ends together.

Fold the lower strip (yellow) and place it above the upper strip (orange).

Fold the lower strip (now orange) and place it above the upper strip (now yellow).

Keep going :)

Once you reach the end of the strips, glue them together to make a neat end.

I have glued the yellow piece to the longer orange leftover.

Afterwards I have folded the end of the orange strip and glued it to the previous orange pocket.

Finally glue the end and the beginning parts together to create the flower.

Step 2: Attaching the Led.

Place the coin battery between the legs of the led. The led should glow. If not, change the orientation of the battery.

Next, bend the legs of the led to make them fit around the coin battery.

Place the led with the battery into a pocket of your choice and enjoy.

If you liked this tutorial, check out the the LED flower postcard for kids and the Solar powered postcard!

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