Rainbow Glowing Ping Pong

Introduction: Rainbow Glowing Ping Pong

Build up a tiny board that fits into ping-pong to glow in rainbow colors using RGB LED driven by attiny13 microcontroller. Device is powered from CR2032 battery and uses software switch with auto power-off. Every electronics hobbyist can replicate this DIY device visiting project homepage offering more videos, pictures, design downloadable files etc. at http://amichalec.net/2012/04/rainbow-ping-pong



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    this reminds me or the color changing rolling ball thing ive been seeing a lot lately.
    its controlled by your phone and id love to make my own version because they are asking way too much for the commercially available one.
    perhaps a next step?

    either way this looks really cool :3

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    Hmm, I believe you are referring to Sphero robotic ball - indeed it is pricey and order of magnitude more complex: it has bluetooth receiver (and remote app to control), servomechanisms (two independent wheels inside the ball), gyroscopic accelerometers and so on... plus it can glow :) Take a look on that review -> http://www.linuxgamenews.com/search/sphero
    I am missing a lot of skills (and free time) to construct such a device so I will think of your suggestion in a year or two :)