Glowing Utility Cart

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Intro: Glowing Utility Cart

Hello, This is Bryan from the shipping department.  My goal is to light up the underside of my utility cart with LED's activated via motion.  I am hoping that when I am done, the cart will look like it is hovering above the ground when it is covering ground quickly. 

Materials Used:
Waterproof LED Light Bars
LED Light Bar Adapter Cable
DC Plug 1 Meter Extension Cable
DC LED splitter cable
12 Volt Motion Sensor Switch
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack

Step 1:

Attach the LED bars.  The Waterproof LED Light Bars  come with clips that just screw in but I chose to not drill and just use double sided tape instead to mount the lights.

Step 2:

Next, I ran the wiring as nice and neat as possible.  I am wiring the lights together with a 3-way splitter, then attaching and mounting an inline motion sensor as my switch.

Step 3:

The motion sensor is then just connected directly into where the battery pack is stored.   This is the battery pack that I used but the power source can be anything you want.  Here is a picture of the cart finished. 



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