Glowing LED Light Ice Chrysanthemum

Introduction: Glowing LED Light Ice Chrysanthemum

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Create a mini ice sculpture chrysanthemum that glows with waterproof rgb LED goodness!

Make a bunch & float them in a glass bowl for added fun.

The rubber mold can be reused & so can the LEDs once the ice melts!

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Step 1: Gather Materials: Rubber Mold of Wax Chrysanthemum, Water, LED


1. Equinox Rubber mold of wax Chrysanthemum

2. Water

3. Waterproof rgb LED cocktail light

4. Random chandelier crystal (optional)

Step 2: Prep & Freeze LED Chrysanthemum

Originally i was going to use toothpicks or some sort of support structure to hold the LED component in place while the water froze.

After fumbling about i decided to freeze remnants of crystal from an old chandelier... which really helped stabilize & level the LED during freezing.

It also helps keep the LED in place so turning it on or off is easier when the seam is over the freeze line.

Step 3: Ice Mold & LED Glow Check

Try a glow field test by gently twisting the LED to turn on. The ice will hold it snugly.

Remove the ice chrysanthemum from the rubber mold.

Step 4: Enjoy Your LED Ice Chrysanthemum!

Pop the waterproof LED ice chrysanthemum out of the rubber mold and enjoy the glow!

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