Glow in the Dark Constellation Dice - NOW WITH VIDEO!




Introduction: Glow in the Dark Constellation Dice - NOW WITH VIDEO!

About: I graduated in Industrial Design and worked as a graphic designer and web developer. This will be the outlet for my personal projects, since I can't live a day without creating something.

I have always been fascinated by stars. Since ancient times, the Constellations above us have been deemed responsible of a great part of men's destiny, and have been asked for guidance or blessings.
There is a song by Björk that goes: "With a palm full of stars, I throw them like dice, Repeatedly... I shake them like dice, And throw them on the table, Repeatedly, Repeatedly, Until the desired constellation appears"...

I wanted to make that dice, and this is what we'll achieve together! Actually, this dice is going to be manufactured, and this is the prototype that I used on the campaign website (click here to see it).

Are you ready? Let's go!

April 2017 UPDATE

These dice have been a success, and thanks to over 600 backers a FULL SET will be manufactured, and is now available for pre-orders (to be delivered in July 2017)... only 300 are left, and 30 glowing per color. Thank you all!

Constellation Dice Set - Voyager 40th Anniversary Edition

Step 1: First, Get All the Tools.

You will only need a wooden block, a sharp cutter, a black marker or two, and some luminescent adhesive tape that is at least as wide as the wooden block. Get also some wide, transparent scotch tape and scissors (not pictured).

Step 2: Let It Stick!

Carefully place the adhesive tape on the wooden block,trying to follow the sides.
Then remove the excess tape. Do this once per each side.

Step 3: Know Your Angles...

Use a thick marker to paint the little space between two close faces, this is what it will look like.

Step 4: Print This Page...

This is what you'll have to draw on each side. Follow the order in the opened cube. Each face has been accurately designed to be recognizable, inspiring, and unique:

1) Polaris is the North Star, around which all the Constellations revolve.
2) Canis Minor is the only ancient Constellation comprised of just two stars.
3) Triangulum Constellation was first described by Babylonians in 1000 B.C.
4) Corvus' brightest stars form a distinctive quadrilateral in the night sky.
5) Cassiopeia is the iconic pattern named after a greek Queen of great beauty.
6) Corona Borealis, whose six brightest stars form a shiny crown.

Step 5: Have Some Fun!

Start drawing the stars using the marker, and fill the white space around the circles first. When all the surface of one face is covered, use a thicker marker to reinforce the black paint. This is necessary because the luminescent surface is usually a bit oily and the ink does not stick.

Give each side some time to dry, and be careful not to smudge the ink or to stain your fingers. If you do, rest assured that all the other sides will share some of the ink with your fingertips!

Step 6: For Some Protection...

Open some scotch tape on the table and carefully press the cube from the top. Then raise the tape on the sides, positioning the scotch tape in a U shape. Cut the excess tape with some scissors or sharp blade.

Repeat the above steps by pressing what was the top side on another piece of scotch tape, and cover the remaining two sides, again shaping the tape as an U.

Step 7: Ready to Glow!

Use your nails to remove all traces of air from under the scotch tape, and clean any remaining tape on the corners.
You are quite done, and it works!! But, if you don't really want to go through all this... check the next step!

Step 8: Claim Yours Before It's Too Late! NEW 2017 Edition

Get one factory made dice, not many will be manufactured.
The price is adjusted to a production of only 50 dice, this will be rare!
If more are claimed, backers will be able to get a second one for about 1 dollar.

Thank you for your attention, and keep the dice rolling!

Constellation Dice - ends May 30th 2015

April 2017 UPDATE

These dice have been a success, and thanks to over 600 backers a FULL SET will be manufactured, and is available for pre-orders (to be delivered in July 2017)... only 300 are left, and 30 glowing per color. Thank you all!

Constellation Dice Set - Voyager 40th Anniversary Edition



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    17 Discussions

    I am very glad you like this project! It is now funded and it will be manufactured (though I still need your contributions to make it less expensive), so I will be happy to offer a real Constellation Dice to the first of you who shows me his handmade one in a comment here, provided the design on the faces is the same as mine!

    2 replies

    Here's my humble attempt. I cheated a bit, and used a printout of your beautiful rendition, as i wasn't sure I could replicate all the details. Unfortunatetly i couldn't find my glow-in-the-dark pen, so that feature must be added later.

    Anyway, I'm sure my 11 year old daugther will love the dice. She's really into staring at the sky ;)

    I especially like the use of Cassiopeia!



    Aha thanks! I think it's fair that I will send you the version that does not shine :D

    Write me a private message with your address and I will add you to the list.
    Now the first that will replicate the tutorial (using some sort of block + luminescent tape + markers + scotch tape) will get the glow in the dark one :)

    I appreciate that opposing sides add up to seven. Nice attention to detail.

    This is one of the coolest, simplest and easiest projects I have ever seen. Definitely making a whole D&D set

    do chi square test if the dice is making random results

    Oh my gosh!! I absolutely have to make this!!! It's beautiful and futuristic!

    That is effin cool! i love glow in the dark, personally i woulda just used glow in the dark paint/ fabric paint and then clear nail polish as the sealant layer, but damn thats sweet.

    1 reply

    Thanks, I thought of this method because I am more comfortable with drawing than painting, but yes that would work as well!

    Why don't you just print out the dice template and like use a craft knife and a needle to poke out the holes and then stick tape all along the template(with extra tape sticking out to seal the sides)?That way it would be more quick and convenient to make.Awesome Instructable though.

    1 reply

    Nice, that would work for the stars if the print is dark enough, but if you would like to show also the lines in between you would end up with a square or triangular big hole in some sides :)

    Wow! Is a futurist dice I want to build it !

    This is so cool! I could see someone making these on a CNC out of some acrylic. Beautiful!