Glowstone Block

Introduction: Glowstone Block

Since the aquatic update in Minecraft is finally here, ever wonder what minecraft block look like in real life especially a glowstone. Here's an instruction on how to paint a glowstone.

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Step 1: Materials


  • Large square box paints, especially glow in the dark paint
  • ruler or measuring tape
  • pencils
  • paintbrush

Step 2: Drawing Lines

Using the ruler to draw the lines on the box from vertical and horizontal.

If you pay attention to the sides of the minecraft blocks, it look like it has 16 squares by 16 squares from vertical and horizontal.

You may have to experience with the sides of each squares by using a ruler.

Step 3: Painting

Try to number them so you would know which square to paint.

Then paint the square according to both the number and paint.

Using the right paint is kinda tricky so may have to mix some paint.

Try mixing the glow in the dark green with the grey, brown or black paint. mixing the glow in the dark orange with the brown or marigold paint.

Step 4: Finished Work

And here you have the finished work.

Now you used for your kids birthday.

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