Glue Cap Keeper



There isn't really much instruction to give here, so in lieu of that, hyperbole:

Who of us hasn't had a bottle of glue with a pesky little glue cap that keeps rolling under everything, as though it were actively trying to run away from ever having to return to sitting atop of a glue bottle again. What kind of dreams do these run-away glue caps have? What sorts of things they hope to become? I don't know their dreams,but I do know the sorts of sad ends these stray caps may ultimately meet: ingested by pit bulls, devoured by vacuum cleaners...

Such a sad, sad story, here. And the abandoned glue bottles, you should see them! First sticky, then gooey, then dry and crusty, their usefulness is all used up. And all this...this tragedy...because a little glue cap rolled away....

Ahem, so anyway...simple construction here, with a glue cap, push pin (or other pokey object), a small screw eye (this one here is 7mm, for your reference), and the washed-out rubber band that already lived out it's intended usefulness of delivering your morning newspaper - so there are three things now! Three precious plastic objects saved from the obscurity of being rubbish! Help your glue cap to live a long, fulfilling tenure as the useful little glue cap it was always meant to be!

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