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A "Brush in the lid" type glue container works very good with the glue recipe i have posted.

En "penseln i locket" behallare till till klistret jag gett receptet pa

Step 1: Get Your Supplies Together

A clean empty icecream container with tightfitting lid
A sharp knife
A waterproof marker
A Brush
A Hotglue gun
A Cutting board

En tom diskad glassbytta med tatslutande lock
Vass kniv

Step 2: Measuring the Hole

Measure the hole by putting the brush on the lid like in the pictures and drawing lines around it.This is how it should look when your done.

Mat upp halet genom att lagga penseln pa locket som i bilderna och rita runt som pa bilderna. Har du gjort ratt ska det se ut som pa denna bild.

Step 3: Cutting It Out

Cut along the lines you marked

Skar langsefter linjerna du ritat

Step 4: Fitting and Glueing

Fit the brush in the lid and close the container making sure the brush is just
resting on the bottom of the container and standing reasnobly straight up.
Then glue the brush with the gluegun to the lid. Use ALOT of glue to and look at the rest of the pictures.

Satt penseln i locket och satt pa locket pa ladan kolla sa penseln precis vilar pa botten av behallaren. Kontrollera att penseln är hyffsat rak. Limma sedan fast den i locket och andvand mycket lim sa det blir tatt och titta pa resten av bilderna.

Step 5: The Finished Item

This is how it looks when finished

Sa har ser det ut nar den ar fardig



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    12 years ago

    very nice idea, simple yet useful. Does the lid hinder painting in corners?

    6 replies

    Reply 12 years ago

    Depends on how large the lid is. On this particular container it usually doesnt. On larger containers it might That can be remedied to some extent by offsetting the brush from the center towards one side(the broad side of the brush and container alike). But this works best on flat surface and the outside of curved ones.


    Reply 12 years ago

    I'm think that I go through a few brushes in my workshop. Trying to keep them fresh in paint thinner doesnt work as it evaporates. With your idea I can keep a general all-purpose brush fresh. thanks - very neat, I like anything 're-use'


    Reply 12 years ago

    You might have better luck making a similar contraption but with a mason jar instead so you get as small a lid as possible


    Reply 12 years ago

    I might make something with a lid like yours, but instead of hot glueing the brush to the lid I would have a slot cut in a rubber sheet. Would provide an air-tight solution without the lid.