Glue Hacks




Some unusual glue hacks using simple school glue

Step 1: Remove Pencil Dust From Fingers

Step 1 apply a thin layer of glue on your finger
Step 2 after drying peel it off

Step 2: Laminate Paper

Step 1 apply glue on paper
Step 2 spread the glue on the paper
Step 3 put the paper on a plastic sheet
Step 4 after drying remove the paper from the plastic sheet

Step 3: Fill Gaps in Wood

Step 1 mix glue and saw dust
Step 2 put this mixture where there is a hole
Step 3 spead this evenly

Step 4: Make a 3d Name Plate

Step 1 using glue make a design on paper
Step 2 let it dry

Step 5: Make a Lamp

Step 1 Make a dome of glue using a bowl or ball
Step 2 put this on a lamp stand
Step 3 done

Step 6: Stop Plants Getting Dust and Bacteria From Leaf Cuts

Step 1 put glue where the leaf is damaged
Step 2 after drying the plant will not get bacteria or dust from the leaf cut



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Looks fun!


    2 years ago

    #8 now I can start to plan the perfect murder :) Thank you for sharing your glue ideas!