Glue Press Quick Build

Introduction: Glue Press Quick Build

About: I really like woodworking and Metalwork. I like to build just about anything that pops into my head. I like making Jigs that makes jobs easier and saves time.. I have a few videos on My Youtube Channel but...

This was a quick build built from scrap/upcycle.

I needed this for some gluing up as at the time I did not have any clamps.

It is made from An adjustable shelf brackets that can be raised or lowered and particle board x3 layers

some offcuts of 3"x2" pressure treated leftovers, the top braces are from a rail and bracket system off a curtain valance set, an old scissor jack, offcuts of a scaffolding board. all screwed glued and bolted together, There is not a lot else to say about it as it was a very simple build. Took me around 1 Hour and 30 mins.I'll try to upload a video of it and see if it works...

Step 1: Video of the Press

Just a quick video of it :) This is also My youtube channel and link to my Google+



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    Would never have thought of using a jack to press down! Nice.

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    Thanks Mate I Appreciate That. I don't have it anymore as I'm working on a new design using a bottle jack...

    And this is exactly why I rarely throw anything out. I will however, have to retrieve the rusty scissor jack from the scrap pile and try to revive it....(LOL)

    By the way, these jacks are laying all over in a auto salvage yard. Buy something and they would probably give you one for free.

    Thank you for sharing this instructable, love it, and will be saving a ton on expense of very 'large' bar clamps.

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    Thanks olcodger.

    I don't throw anything away if it's metal,wood,electronics ect you never know when you might need it lol you jack you have to revive just soak it in oil as I did or spray the hell out of it with WD40 that works great to. I hope to see a build from you with your jack looking forward to it ...

    This is a great idea and with a heavier system than the shelf brackets would make a great press for other than just glue ups!

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    Thanks mate

    I have managed to press a small bearing into one of my projects with it. But I do agree with you.. A heavier build on this would be better for other press type work. I am working on other Drawings in sketchup for this and other designs for other builds.

    Something like this is way down the road for me as I haven't much need. Project in my head today is a plow blade for my son's mower. I found a thing on this site but in my head I've already improved his design. A buddy might even have either a barrel or drain culvert for the blade. Here in Iowa we are expecting snow in a few days. So it's on my mind. lol

    Perhaps heavy bolts into heavy timbers drilled like peg board. Being of German descent I like to over engineer things so they don't break or fall apart easy.

    This project has finally turned that crummy-pain-in-the-butt style car jack into something useful! Great build! Thank you, for sharing it!

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    Thank you ccooper-burke

    It's the only good thing they are good for as they are useless car jacks. This was just a temp build I am working on a new one In Sketchup...

    Nice! This is a great use for an old jack like this.

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    Thank you seamster It did come in handy at the time for what I needed