Gluing a Fake Hairline for Your Wigs

Introduction: Gluing a Fake Hairline for Your Wigs

Hello guys and welcome to my step by step tutorial on how to glue on a wigs hairline :D
*This wig alteration is for Sakura from Gate 7 (by CLAMP).


Step 1: References !

As usual: get some good references!

Sakura - Gate / by CLAMP
- spikey
- back combed
- v-shaped hairline
- long wisp /right side

Step 2: You'll Need ...

To create a fake hairline for your cosplay/costume wigs you'll need...

  • 2 wigs close to the needed reference pics; the color of choice (I needed 2 white silver ones)
  • a wighead
  • a pair of scissors
  • needle and thread
  • tulle in color of your wig/hairline
  • a hairdryer
  • contact glue/good glue

Step 3: Getting a Basic Look for the Wig


1) Find yourself some good and helpful reference pictures of your character - be sure to know which colour you need and what parts to add/change.

2) I bought 2 silver-white wigs -one spikey+ one a bit longer. One to be the main one, the other to cut and add to the main wig

3) Sakura has a long wisp of hair in his neck. So I cut of the longer hair from wig 2 and..

4) ..stiched it to the neck section of wig 1. Testpin the part first and give it a try first. Then sew it on

5) long pigtail - check :D

Step 4: Styling With a Hairdryer

6)/7) The second special feature of Sakuras hair probably is the all back styled look. Therefore I seperated parts of the wig to another (every 2nd to 3rd weft) and used comb and hair dryer to heat up the wigs plastic fibers and puch it back

8) Continue doing so till every weft is pushed back and you are satisfied with the first look

9) smooth back styled wig - check!

Step 5: Lace Front and Gluing on Wefts

10)/11) I sewed white tulle to the front of the wig 1. Like a selfmade lace front wig!

12) I split of left over wefts from wig #2. These will be added as the hairline to wig #1.

13)-17) Glued on weft by weft to cover everything. Using contact ahesive here. I did 2 layers of wefts

let the wig set on your wighead and get dry over night!

Step 6: Cutting and Trimming a Natural Looking Hairline

Now that the glue/wig is dryed over night it is time to trim of the excess ;)


18) last time it put on the wig I used a pencil to mark the outline of the newly added hairline. You can do this while using a mirror or ask someone to help you out. I then roughly cut the wig

19)-23) Using a pair of scissors I created the more natural looking hairline with all its wisps. To achieve this look you cut in from the front of the hairline and cut our small and pointy trangles. Try not to make em all look alike, this way it looks more natural

That‘s it!

Hope you enjoyed!

Step 7: Finished Look - Fake Hairline

Tadaa. Pre make-up test .
But hey, it's the fake glued hairline for my Sakura wig.

More finished cosplay photos will follow soon on my fb page Kion Cosplay.

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