{Gluten Free} Mini Blueberry Party Pie!




Introduction: {Gluten Free} Mini Blueberry Party Pie!

Everything is more fun *mini*! Check out my Gluten Free party pies to celebrate Pi Day! 
**Would these not be the CUTEST at a tea party for your little miss?! Mini-themed birthday party? mmm...yes please?!

Step 1: Ingredients

HERE is the recipe I used for Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Dough. You could certainly sub your favorite sugar cookie recipe, or you could even buy the premade stuff :) 

Step 2: Prepare Crusts

Step 3: Fill and Top

Step 4: DEVOUR and ENJOY!

Serious Eats Pi Day Pie Contest

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Serious Eats Pi Day Pie Contest

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Those look delicious! I will definitely be making these for my sister's birthday coming up!