Gluten Free Olive Bread: Cheap Enough for the Whole Family



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Gluten Free Olive Bread: Cheap Enough for the Whole Family

Step 1:


(Makes TWO 13x18" pans - Serves 10)

Stir the following together and wait 5 minutes until very foamy: 2 C. very warm water 2 T. yeast 1 T. sugar

Meanwhile in separate bowl, mix the following: 6 C. rice flour 1 C. cornstarch 1/2 C. instant potato flakes 6 tsp. guar gum 3 tsp. salt 2 T. garlic powder 2 T. sugar

Add foaming yeast water to dry mixture. Also add: 1/2 C. olive oil (or canola oil) 2 more C. of very warm water Stir well. Add: 2 more C. very warm water (again). Wait 5-10 minutes. This allows time for the potato flakes to finish absorbing moisture. Add more warm water if necessary until mixture is thicker than batter but not as thick as dough. Spread on oiled pans with a fork. The pattern of lines that the fork makes will disappear as the dough rises. Scatter onto each pan of dough: 1 C. sliced or chopped olives Press olives down gently into the dough. Drizzle onto each pan of dough: a few tablespoons of olive oil Place in oven and set at 200 F for 20 minutes. Then increase temperature to 425 F and continue baking until slightly golden. Drizzle a little more olive oil on top and sprinkle with salt. Slice diagonally into diamond shapes just for fun...Enjoy!



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