Gluten Free Pizza, Topped With Tuna, Spring Onions With a Dash of Thai Green Curry & How to Make a Flat Pizza Base Using Gluten Free Flour -and Not Have It Stick to Everything!




take approx 300g gluten free flour, pinch of salt, pinch baking powder and some water. mix adding water slowly. stop before it gets gloopy.

I'm warning you now, do not use either dry or wet yeast, it will taste manky.

Gluten free dough is very sticky. After mixing to correct consistency (see pic) place dough on greaseproof or silicon baking paper. Then cover with cling film to enable flattening out without making your hands and everything else gross.

Step 1: Cover With Cling Film (saran Wrap for Americans)

you must use cling film or the dough will stick to roller and everything.

after rlling, remove cling film by peeling back and reposition as pizza gets wider from rolling.

Step 2: Add Sauce and Cheese

put a dab of tomato passata or tinned chopped tomatoes in middle. spread it out with ladle adding as necessary.

add a lot of grated mozzarella or pizza cheese. dont skimp!

Step 3: Add Topping

I added tuna, (dont forget to give the juice to the cats) chopped spring onion and some dabs of thai green curry sauce. The sauce has passed its use by date by 6 months -hopefully Its ok still!

Step 4: Put in the Oven

position an oven rack just under the counter. pull the baking paper with pizza over the rack. pop in oven for approx 15 min @ 150 deg celcius. just keep an eye on it, its done when it looks done!

Step 5: Remove From Oven and Serve

when its cooked you can remove from oven and peel back the baking paper leaving the pizza alone on the chopping board -ready to serve. yum.



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