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Introduction: Gluten Free Shrove Buns

About: 22 yo women from Finland.

As the shrove Tuesday is coming I thought to share this recipe for these traditional Finnish shrove buns. It is a sweet pastry filled with whipped cream, jam and/or almond paste. It is enjoyed after snow sliding with pea soup as the main dish.

This is the best Gluten free shrove buns receipt! Try it out.

  • 5 dl milk
  • 50g fresh yeast
  • 2tl psyllium
  • 1tl salt
  • 1rkl cardamom
  • 2dl rice flour
  • 1dl sugar
  • 7dl gluten free flour
  • 150g unsalted butter
  • 1 egg to coat the buns
  • Coarse sugar for topping
  • Fillings: whipped cream, almond paste, strawberry/raspberry jam.

Time to make: 1,30h
Oven temperature: 225 °C (437 °F), 8-10 minutes.

Step 1: Prepare Dough

Heat milk to hand warm, add yeast and psyllium. Mix well.
Measure salt, sugar and cardamom. Mix with milk and yeast, mix well.

Let dough rest for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile melt the butter and let it cool down. Leave it waiting.

Step 2: Flours and Butter

Measure flour. Add flour little by little while mixing well.

Add the room warm butter, mix.

Knead the dough flat.

Dough should be a bit soft.

Step 3: Make the Buns

Take flour to your hands and to the table. Take dough to your hands and roll it in your hands. Roll firm and round buns. Put ready buns to baking tray.

Let buns rise 30 minutes under a towel.

Step 4: Brushing, Topping, Oven

Brush buns throughly with the egg.
Sprinkle coarse sugar on top of the buns, and put buns to the oven.

Bake around 8-10 minutes or until beautifully golden.

Step 5: Fill and Enjoy

When buns are ready, let them cool down.

Cut buns in half, fill with whipped cream, almond paste and jam. You can put all of this in your bun, or you can choose couple.

Enjoy your delicious buns! :)

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    2 years ago

    Yum! These look really good :D