Gluten-free Chocolate Eclairs




Introduction: Gluten-free Chocolate Eclairs

Gluten-free chocolate eclairs modified from my grandma's recipe. No one will ever suspect they are gluten-free! Can even be made ahead and frozen. Makes about 3 dozen smaller Eclairs.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

First step is to gather the required ingredients:

For the custard filling:

3 1/2 c milk

1 c sugar

4 eggs

1/4 c cornstarch

1 tsp vanilla

For the puffs:

1 c hot water

1/2 c butter

1 c gluten-free (GF) flour blend

1/4 tsp salt

4 eggs at room temperature

For the frosting:

3/4 c Ghiradelli chocolate chips

1/4 c heavy cream or whole milk (or cheat and use canned frosting - make sure it says gluten free)

Step 2: Make the Custard

Put eggs, 1 c of milk, cornstarch, vanilla, and sugar in blender and blend until combined.

Step 3: Make the Custard - Pt 2

Heat remaining milk in kettle. Stir to keep from scalding. Add egg mixture when milk just begins to boil. Continue to heat and stir until thickens. The longer it cooks the more it will thicken. Cover with waxed paper to prevent film. Put in refrigerator. Can be made a day ahead - it takes a while to cool.

Step 4: Make the Puffs

Preheat oven to 375F.

Put butter, and water in a large pot and bring to a boil. Remove from heat.

Add GF flour and salt, stir until mixture pulls away from the pan.

Step 5: Mix Puffs Dough

Put mixture into stand mixer. Allow to cool 3-5 minutes. Mix at medium speed adding 1 egg at a time. Mix completely before adding the next egg.

Step 6: Spoon Dough Onto Pan

Spoon onto a parchment lined baking sheet. Teaspoon will make smaller puffs, soup spoon to make larger puffs. Best technique is to spoon out the dough and whack the spoon on the baking sheet to get the dough to stick Scrape with second spoon.

Step 7: Bake Puffs and Cool

When sheet is full bake at 375F - 1 pan at a time - roughly 20 mins for smaller puffs, and 30 mins for larger. Puffs are done when they release from the pan and move when pan is shaken gently. They should be golden brown. Cool puffs on a cooling rack

Step 8: Make the Ganache Frosting

Heat milk (or cream) in the microwave for 45 seconds. Add chocolate chips and stir until smooth.

Step 9: Fill the Puffs

Using a pastry bag with round tip fill puffs. Can also be cut in half and filled with a spoon (Just watch out when you eat them, the filling will squish out of the seams)

Step 10: Frost the Puffs

Using the back of a spoon spread frosting on the top of the puffs.

Step 11: Eat and Enjoy!

Eat and enjoy! They won't last long, and I guarantee no one will know they are gluten free!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

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    I can never say no to chocolate eclairs! Yummy :)


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    They are definitely my favorite, too!


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    Glad you like them, thanks!