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With my job I tend to do some site work, this always involves my laptop and inevitably there is nowhere to lay the laptop down so I end up doing the one handed shuffle as I type and try not to drop my machine.

Step 1: Get Started

You will need:

1 Laptop (I will leave brand and model to you)

1 Laptop stand (http://www.pcworld.ie/product/allsop-redmond-adjus... E44.99

1 Tripod (this was old and I have no idea where I got it, they run from around 50 euro and you can get them almost anywhere)

1 set of assorted nuts & bolts

Step 2: Attach the Plate to the Camera Mount

My laptop stand was perforated so I counted the holes and went for the middle on the left to right axis.

I went one hole further to the back for balance as this is where the screen and battery are hence more weight.

I bolted through with an M6 Bold and an anti vibe washer to hold it in place. By luck, the little anti rotation clip popped though the next hole up in the stand, this helps with stability.

Step 3: Mount It Up

Clip the camera mount to the tripod and sit the laptop on, adjust the angle and the height to suit the situation. Just please remember that the higher you go, the more unstable your stand will become so be careful and maybe clip down with a bungee cord or something.

I realized that I could leave the feet on my laptop stand while it was mounted so when I remove it from the tripod, the stand still functions without having to refit the legs.

Step 4: Remove From the Tripod

With this tripod, removal is really easy, just push the lever out, tilt the mount and its free. The locking level will clip back by itself.

Please, please, please make sure your laptop is not on the stand as you unclip!



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    Left-field DesignsPepaJ

    Reply 2 years ago

    Nice but not an option for me at present, I am in recovery from a serious back injury and hanging weight like that would do some harm...


    2 years ago

    i should try to make one.


    2 years ago

    This is a really good idea!

    I have a couple of thrift stores I check out at least once a week, and they always have a pile of tripods for sale. This is a great, functional reuse idea! :)