Go Geocaching





Introduction: Go Geocaching

Step 1: What Is Geocaching

Geocaching is a global real life gps hunt, being played around you right now! A geocache is a physical container which can be hidden in very public spots, and in less populated spots too. They usually contain a logbook and little treasures depending on the size of the geocache ( container ).

Step 2: Download the Geocaching App

To find your first geocache go on to the App Store or Google Play and download the free geocaching app, called geocaching intro. From here press find nearby geocaches and choose the one closest to you.

Look for a geocache that is

Low difficulty rating
Low terrain
And only a traditional cache ( the green ones )

Step 3: Head Outside and Go Find the Geocache

Now get outside and go find the geocache, simple enough. Have fun and let me know what you think



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    5 Discussions

    Is it worth the money to upgrade so you can find all the spots?

    I will try that. My friends go geocaching and tried to get me to do it with them, but I never knew how. Thanks!

    another thing is that if you dont have a smart phone but have a gps you can go to geocaching.com to sign up (for free), find caches near you (or near where you will be), and get the coordinates to plug into your gps (or download directly to your gps through your computer)


    4 years ago

    Yes, very true. Is there anything I've missed out on in this instructable Orngrimm

    Aye. geocaching is a REALLY great way to get to places you never were before and have fun doing it.

    Great for families with kids as "little explorers".