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Step 1: Getting All the Parts

1: 4x Wooden Boards 4x 3" long screws (They can be any size you want just make sure that the back and front axle are the same length)

2: 4x wheels (The wheels can be any size you want)

3:(Optional)Brakes 1x Wood/metal bar or rod (for brake) 1x rope 2x 3" long wood bars 1x screw (the size of the rope depends on how big you want your boards)

4: 25x 2" nails and bolts (how many what size of the bolts depend on how big and what kind of wheels get)

Step 2: Putting It All Together

take the back axle use all 4 screws and screw them into middle board you sit on and make sure the middle board goes on top of the back axle. Get 1x bolt and bolt it in to the middle of the front axle make sure the middle board is on top of the front axle. Get a board for the seat you may have to cut it and cut it however long you want and use 20 nails and nail it in. Get the rest of the bolts and bolt in your wheels.Get the brake bar and your last screw and screw it in connect one end of the rope to the brake bar and take it to the back of the go kart use your nail and nail it in halfway in back of the middle board behind the seat bend nail and feed the rope through the nail. cut the rope 5" after the nail. nail 1x nail into the wooden bar 2" away from the back wheel and connect the cut piece of rope to the wooden bar do the same for the other wheel. Tie the rope that is in the nail to the rope that is connected to both the wooden bars with triple knot. AND YOU ARE DONE HAVE FUN :)

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    It looks like you tried very hard, but I have to ask, how much did it cost, your whole alowance?


    3 years ago

    Looks simple and fun! It would be excellent to see some more process shots to go along with your directions!