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Introduction: Go Pro Pole

Go Pro poles are usually too small or too large for what I wanted, and the telescoping poles are painfully expensive.

This pole is also buoyant making it perfect for water sports. Most of the materials are pretty common use so hopefully you have some lying around; otherwise home depot has all that is needed.


- Lacrosse stick (ask a friend who used to play, chances are they have one to spare)

- Bicycle handlebar grips ~$10

- epoxy $5

- JB weld steel stick (putty stick) $5

- gro pro mount ( I used the tripod mount) ~$10

- paracord

- washer

- scrap aluminum ( used a aluminum cap to some ventilation) $5


- Dremel (cutting wheels, grinding stone)

- sand paper

- lighter

- file

- hack saw (optional)

I used the hack saw to cut the lacrosse stick to a desired size, this could be done with the dremel, but i didn't want to waste a cutting wheel. Other tools can be used the dremel makes life easy.

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Step 1: Step 1: Cut Pole & Make Watertight

- trace the shape of the lacrosse stick on the the scrap aluminum cut out in a rectangular shape, the edges will be grinded down later. Rub the aluminum and stick on a file to rough up the surface for a better bond

- cut around a mm of jb metal stick putty, knead with hands, and place rectangular scrap metal onto the pole. This step is important to ensure the watertight pole. If you don't care if the pole is buoyant only do this to the top side. Should cure in about 5 minutes

- grind edges with the dremel, ensure there are no sharp edges.

Step 2: Step 2: Epoxy the Mount

- after the edges are cleaned up scratch the aluminum and the mount on a file, then use epoxy to bond the aluminum to the go pro mount.

- after it is cured onto the pole apply more to give a more visually appealing transition from the pole to the mount

Step 3: Step 3: Hand Grip

- measure how high the bicycle grip will go up on the pole. place a small amount of jb putty on the indention of the pole to give the pole a rounded handle. (this step isn't completely necessary, but I wanted a tight grip on the handle and this step ensures that)

- after the putty cures, sand the handle to smooth it out to make a flush elliptical shape.

- for the lanyard, tie a loop with paracord of the desired length and finish the not with a lighter to ensure it will not come apart

- place the lanyard through a washer and push the lanyard through grip. Use a pencil to push the paracord through. Make sure the washer is big enough to stop the lanyard from falling out of the grip

- the hardest part is placing the grip onto the pole. It is a tight fit. Hairspray helps lubricate and dries quickly.

This instructable has room for several variations, I plan on making a longer mount soon, will post final photos on this instructable tl follow up.

Step 4:

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration. Great ible


    4 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration. Great ible


    4 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration. Great ible


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    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! I found it on the floor of my friend's house. If you know anyone who used to play lacrosse I can bet they have an old one they won't mind parting with.