Go Pro Safety Leash

Introduction: Go Pro Safety Leash

If your in my situation you'll want one of these safety leashes.

Step 1: Get a Fishing Leader

Get a fishing leader and snip off the swivel with pliers.

Step 2: Get Some Strong String

Get some strong sting. Tie the string in a good knot on the bottom of the fishing hook.

Step 3: Tie a Slip Knot on the Other End of the String

You are going to tie a slip knot on the opposite side of the string. Drape the strong over your two fingers and bring it up over your fingers so it makes one full loop. Poke the string in between your index finger and your middle finger and then tighten the knot. You have your self a slip knot!

Step 4: Add the Key Ring

Open up the key ring and put it on the string so that it is in the loop.

Step 5: Go Pro Leash

Now open up the fishing hook and attach it to the go pro back door.

Step 6: There Are Endless Possibilities

There are endless possibilities to where you attach the leash. Through a pole, or anywhere you need to put it.

Step 7: Thanks

Thank you for viewing my first instructable. Hope the leash works out for you!

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