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    This thing looks AWESOME! Is there any way you can post a step-by-step instructable on it so we can get a better idea of how it came together? I would love to be able to make one of my own, maybe with a beefier engine.

    its held on with a uni-joint, just pick it up, tough for one handed steering but a sinch with two hands. i started working on a new kart, so there are many things unfinished on this one

    oh! so you actually have to pick up the wheel itself? it's not stuck down like that, is what I mean.

    This is a very interesting design if you would like to help with my project...pictures to follow we need money so we can get the engine please donate to parkhigley6@gmail.com

    This thing looks like a mad scientist built it in the early 20's! Haha I love it!!

    Very creative, looks like no other, I like it. Some of the visible design aspects have inspired me a similar little for a project I'm planning. Weight is one of my biggest concerns, how heavy (in Kilos) would you say it is?

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    it is appox 50 kilos. great on flat ground, hopeless uphills. no plans were used for this build only a concept drawing, there are many areas for improvement.

    Seen Mad Max a few too many times have we? 4 stars just for the visual impression.

    I was unsure about 'embed code' info i am not affiliated any video sites. i have some research to do.. if i get stuck ill contact tech support, just havent got around to it. hopefully soon.