GoPro 3 / 4 Floaty Backdoor

Introduction: GoPro 3 / 4 Floaty Backdoor

GoPro 3 / 4 floaty backdoor with mouthpiece

You gone need:
- Tatami Tatami Rubber 10mm
- Contact adhesive glue
- Double sided tape 3m (optional)

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Step 1: Tatami Rubber

I got this piece of Tatami Rubber for free, because its finishing corner. But a compleate square piece its like R$10,00 ( U$ 3,00).

Step 2: Backdoor

I bought a new backdoor because I have a GoPro 4 silver, it comes with back screen and I may need use a clean backdoor that would allow look at the screen.

Step 3:

Use the backdoor to cut a same sice piece of tatami. Cut another one piece with same width of the backdoor and 40mm height with round finishing. Cut first piece in midle with same thickness of the tatamii (10mm). Put all together like in the image and glue with contact adhesive.

Step 4: Finishing

Sanding with sandpaper for finishing

Step 5: Glue It in the Backdoor

With you a not sure of your work, glue it with double sides tape. If you want something more reliable, glue it with contact adhesive.

Step 6: Buoyancy Test

With gopro inside.

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