GoPro Camera Box [The Cheap Way]

Introduction: GoPro Camera Box [The Cheap Way]

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I am a motorcycle rider with a photography and filmmaking passion. I dont want my expensive camera to get damaged off a lot of use, and i dont like spending money on things i can make myself. So here comes this project, hope you enjoy! (Im still a beginner in writing instructables so please keep that in mind, and also im typing this on my iphone so forgive me some spelling issues.)

Step 1: Getting the Materials

The materials list for this project is pretty simple. You need some kind of enclosure, and some sheets of foam. I used an old box from a drill I wrecked, and cut out the relief inside, so im left with a plain bottom and top. For the foam i ised insulation foam but i advise you to use some softer foam, because cutting this is hell.

Step 2: Parts Placement

Find a comfortable way to place all of your parts and trace it down with a marker.

Step 3: Cutting the Foam

Exacto knife time! Pretty fun huh? I lost quite a bit of time cutting that thing, hope you dont make the same mistake as i did, and get dense foam.

Step 4: Final Touches

Keep in mind that you wanna leave some space for your future parts you will get. I am planning on getting more mounts so i left the upper side untouched, so i will place them there. Also i will give it a respray, i just didnt picture that. Hope you liked it and you will see more instructables from me every once a while! Cheers!

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