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Here in Thailand it is often difficult to find a genuine dive filter for a GoPro. There are many cheap alternatives that offer Red perspex that doesn't work and makes underwater video worse. Magic Filter from are cuttable filters that I have managed to find and adapt to a 52mm filter, I believe Magic Filters do make a 52mm lens filter but this is all I found and wanted to show what to do should you be in the same situation.

Step 1: You Will Need

  1. 52mm Crystal Lens Protector
  2. Cheap unusable GoPro 52mm adapter
  3. AutoMagic cut filter or similar

Step 2: Cut Filter

You wont require the cheap red filter, throw it out your apartment window. Take out the AutoMagic filter and using the paper stencil provided cut it to the largest given size 50mm. You will find that there are some undersized points on the filter but it is ok for this application.

Step 3: Installation

Place the filter that you have cut inside the GoPro Adapter, it should cover the square part completely. Attached I am showing the difference in filters between a cheap filter and the Magic filter. Now after making sure there in no dust or dirt on the filter screw on the clear lens protector sealing the red filter in. Make sure when you get in the water there are no water bubbles trapped between the filter and happy diving.

Step 4:



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    2 years ago



    I never thought about making my own filters before but it is a good idea.