GoPro Mounting Tips | Custom Suction Cup, Low Profile

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I don't own this, 'micbergsma' does, All praise goes to him, I thought I'd repost his Videos on Instructables for people that don't go on Youtube.
NOTE: Don't go harrassing him for having no sound in his videos, he's 90% Deaf so speaking for him is hard and to him it doesn't sound good.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! it is a very interesting video. i just wonder how strong it is compare to a original gopro suction cup because i figure out gopro suction cup is not quite strong. It felt down once after attached on car windshield after half a hour. when the plastic part of suction cup is dirty, how do you clean it up! again thanks a lot or the video

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    I will be buying one and making one later on this year, I think you would wont the quick release buckle as the J Hook or some 3way pivots would make it wobble, and remember there is that safety shoelace he puts on there