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About: My name is Aron, and I have worked in the IT industry for 5 years. I enjoy the outdoors and have been addicted to instructables for years.

This is a cheap, fast and easy GoPro pole cam. It took less than 2 hours, including shopping time! PLEASE read the after thoughta section before you start to build! :) I also entered this in the outdoors and workshop contests, Thanks for voting!

Step 1: Materials and Rough Cost

A metal broom- 3' 7$
M5 .8 Bolts - 1.50$
M5 .8 locking washers - 1.50$
M5 .8 locking nuts - 1.50$
GoPro random parts pack- 20$
Bicycle handle bar covers- 6$

You can purchase everything you need at lowes or home depot for around 10 - 15$, depending on how you vary your build. The random GoPro parts are from walmart or sun&ski. The bicycle handle covers are from Walmart.

If you read the after thoughts section, you might also buy some spray paint - roughly 5$

Step 2: Tools

A hacksaw or dremel

A drill


small wrenches or adjustable wrenches

a hammer

Step 3: Cutting

I cut both ends off the broom after trying to pull them off. Next, I marked a 2' line for the first pole, and the rest is for the other. I didn't worry about cleaning the ends very much since one will be covered and you'll smash the other.

Step 4: Mount Peices.

Take the two peices in the random parts bag that don't have the buckle peices. You will use these as a permanent peice to the pole, and you can use the rest for another project.

Step 5: Drilling

Find a drill bit that is just a little bigger than your bolts. Set your mount peice on top of the pole where it will be. I put the drill bit through it and marked it with the bit, then moved it. Make sure to drill as straight as you can, but it is okay if you are off a little.

Step 6: Preparing the Hardware

Place a locking washer on two of your bolts. Take four more locking washers and bend them with pliers so that they are straight, just like the ones in my hand. Take two of them and put them in one of the GoPro mounts. I used an extra bolt to hold them while I moved stuff around.. they were annoying to get in.

Step 7: Almost Done!

Place the GoPro mount that you put the washers in CAREFULLY.. they fall out easy, but you need them for support. Once you have the mount with the bolt through it in the handle tighten the nut until it squashes the metal and is hard to tighten any more. Next put the end on the ground and smash it with a hammer so it looks like the picture. Be careful not to break your plastic mount peice.

Step 8: Final Step

Take your hacksaw or dremel and cut the bolt off as close as you can to the nut, without damaging it.

Step 9: Done!

Now you're all done, two cheap and easy GoPro pole cams!

Step 10: Afterthoughts.

Shortening one of your poles is simple and easy! All you need to do is remove the bicycle grip and cut it down to your desired length.

I would consider spraypaint rustoleum primer INSIDE the metal pole. This is because if you get the inside wet or moist it will develope surface rust thus losing durability.

I would also spray paint the outside, at least where it was hammered. This should cover any scratches that happen during construction.. also preventing surface rust on the outside where there are stress marks. You can see these marks in the picture.

Thanks for reading, this is my first instructable!

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      6 Discussions

      Tv one5

      5 years ago on Introduction

      Looks good! Here in NZ we have no Lowes or home depot`s it get really frustrating as other countries have cheap items avaliable E.G. these brooms? bout $30 NZD each and I know that there is a big exchange rate but it still doesn`t add up annoying.

      5 replies
      Wolfbane221Tv one5

      Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

      Thank you for the comment and vote! It is a shame that prices for simple products vary that much. Maybe there is an alternative you could use?

      Tv one5Wolfbane221

      Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

      I think I might just have hit the jackpot I "accidentally" ran over my dads window cleaner broom thing and the handle is still fine also its! aluminium so will make one and tell ya how it works

      Tv one5Wolfbane221

      Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

      Ended \up borrowing my mates mums tramping pole and cable tying a piece to it and got it that way. sorry diddnt take photos... He also needed the pole back.