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It all started with making a rotary broom for my small tractor. After making the broom I needed a way to see and show how the broom was working in sweeping dirt (the broom is not visible from the drivers seat). That's why I developed the special and very flexible camera mount for my GoPro camera. The camera mount also makes a good still and video selfie device. I hope to make a separate Instructable on that idea some time later. The mount is made from an old desk lamp. The video below was initially intended to cover the rotary broom build details only, but when the camera mount idea came on the scene I decided to incorporate it into the same video. Also, when I needed to tighten-up some large nylon cable ties on the rotary broom I came up with a little tool to make that job very easy. The tool is made from a length of 1/2 inch copper pipe and a reducer coupling. That new tool is also included in the video.

Hope you enjoy the video and please do not hesitate to comment and ask questions.

Step 1: Video Showing Rotary Broom, Camera Mount and Tie Wrap Tool



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, this is a great idea! The GoPro mount looks great, and that broom mechanism looks especially well-done. Nice work!

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