GoPro Tactical Mount (might Work on Some Nerfs) Perfect for Killing Zombies!

Introduction: GoPro Tactical Mount (might Work on Some Nerfs) Perfect for Killing Zombies!

Hi, my product is inspired by the fact that i could not find a similar product on-line. I have designed a gun attachment which allowes you to mount your GoPro on to a gun, paintball gun, or some nerf guns. Since GoPro is for extreme sports i thought this was a good idea. Bare in mind you dont have to be a 'gun person' to vote for this, this took many hours of work so any votes would be much appreciated
Also i think that people interested in video making would fing this use full for fps style videos.

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    hi jupikman,

    very nice looking design and 3D CAD work there. I have thought of designing something similar to mount the GoPro I haven’t yet bought onto the speargun I haven’t use much (yet). One thing that might be an issue is that mounted on top of the gun like this it might be in the way where you want to look down the sight.

    In most of the spearfishing videos online the camera is side mounted mostly so it isn’t in the way of the spear and bands but also for aiming. So maybe a mount that hang the GoPro over the side using the optics rail.