God Eye String Art.




A god eye is a spirtual object that originated in Spain.It is made often for celebration or blessing. It has the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye.It can also be made for decoration. It is made with yarn or wool or string that is often different colours and 2 sticks or 2 pieces of wood.

Step 1: Equipment You Will Need:

2 sticks or 2 pieces of wood (bamboo,dowling rod)

A variety of different coloured wool (your choice)

Scissors (for cutting string)

Secateurs (optional for if you need to cut sticks etc)

Step 2: Finding Sticks

Get 2 sticks or 2 pieces of wood the same size. I used bamboo for this one but you can just use 2 sticks, 2 pieces of wood, or even 2 dowling rods.

Step 3: Getting Started

In the middle of your 2 sticks or whatever wood you are using, tie a single or double knot using wool. This wool will be the one you choose as your first colour that will be in the centre of your god eye.

Step 4: Preparing Your God Eye.

Once the 2 sticks are pretty tight (don't worry if they're a bit wiggly because they will tighten up when you start to wrap the wool around the sticks), move the sticks into the shape of a cross, as shown above in the photo.

Step 5: Starting the God Eye

Making sure you hold the god eye steady, wrap the string or wool around one stick. Turn the god eye left toward the other 3 sticks and wrap it around once. Repeat doing this until you want to change colours of wool or string. There is a video example above how to do so

Step 6: Changing Colours

When wanted to change colours of wool or string, tie a knot so your new colour is tied to your old colour. Cut off excess string from your old colour. Now you can start wrapping with your new colour. Remember thatwhen you want to change colours of wool or string, just follow the instructions above.

Step 7: Carrying On

Keep repeating steps 4-5 until you have almost reached the end of your sticks* with wool. This should be 3-6 colours depending on how long your sticks are and how much change in colour and pattern you want in your god eye.

* or whatever else you used instead of sticks like dowling rods or bamboo.

Step 8: Done!

When you decide you have enough colours and your god eye looks good,tie a knot on one stick with your last wool you used. Cut off excess string. And your done! Your god eye will look great! You can even hang on display like the photo above.



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    3 Discussions

    Paige Russell

    2 years ago

    This a very well done Instructable! And I used to LOVE making these. So colorful and fun.

    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Fun! I always liked making these :) I liked to use multicolored yarn!


    2 years ago

    Very fun project! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!