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For a special Halloween party this year I created a paper mache mask and then the rest of the costume fell into place...
I never even thought about making an instructable, but did take a couple of pics while I was making it.  I used a pretty generic styrofoam skull as my mold and covered it in tin foil.  I added horns and a long nose to the skull with tin foil pieces that I molded into the shapes I wanted and then taped on.  Then I mixed Celluclay paper mache pulp.  I made the mix faily liquidy with water and Elmer's glue.  I applied one thin layer, let it dry for 24 hours, then applied another, etc etc.  I did this for about a week, until I was satisfied that it was thoroughly dry, tough enough to wear, and would not mold (I've heard Celluclay can mold if not dried enough).    Then I worked the form off of the skull, which was less effort than I thought it was going to be, actually.  Using basic Apple Barrel acrylic paint, I panted the inside of the mask black, and covered the outside of the mask in Crimson red paint...two thick coats over two days time.  I wasn't sure exactly what detail I wanted to paint on the mask, so I ended up doign other things to it first.  I attached a wig to the top of the mask with needle and thread, then some hot glue (just to be sure it would not come off what with all the dancing I planned to do with it on).  I had a small triangle-type hat with feathers on it that I had never used for anything, so I painted the silk fabric on it the same red as the mask and sewed this onto the wig/mask.  Sewed the pirate skull patch on, hot glued some black beads to the hat, sewed a couple of red roses into the hat and then I used Black paint to paint the decorative details.  I made sure to paint on the symbol for Chaos onto the forehead of the mask, then gave the mask two coats of Delta Ceramcoat Gloss Exterior/Interior Varnish and voila!  The inside of the mask was rough (as was the outside... I liked the texture of the Celluclay and so did not try to sand it smooth) and I ended up glueing a small piece of black felt to the inside of the nose so it wouldn't press painfully into my skin.  I hot glued some fake eyelashes to the outside sides of the eyes of th emask and then put some black paint over the glue as a final touch. 
When I make another mask (and I will because this one was fairly easy and a huge hit at the party), I'll be sure and find a larger skull to use as a mold, and probably line the whole inside with felt for comfort.  TTFN!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    "When I make another mask . . . I'll be sure to" make an Instructable!
    Great work!  I love how it all came together organically for you instead of "here's my plan, here's my execution." Can't wait to see the next one!

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