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Introduction: Goggles for DeathRays (steampunk)

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Simple cheap goggles for working with deathrays. I made them a while ago, but i thought i´ll share it anyway.
I didn´t need any expensive ones, i just needed to protect my eyes.

You can slowly lost your vision by looking at the spot where you concentrate the light, if you don't use protection.
If you have a dog, he should wear goggles too!

i: i'll be making more things like this, so follow me here on Instructables or Youtube if you like :)

Here's what i've used:

electric insulation sticky tape

paper tubes
gold paint
rubber band
welding helmet glass
glass cutter
some plastic gears from a scanner
needle & thread

* Do not use these goggles for welding

Step 1: Glass

You really need to get this one like i have or silmilar if you will use it for deathrays.
Don´t use just ordinary tinted glass from some cheap goggles.
It needs to be so dark that you will not see almost anything throught it in a room, and you must be able to look into the sun with it.

I´ve took a glass from my old welding helmet.
Used a glass cutter to cut it in half, then in quares..uf,rather see the pictures:D

*look up how to cut glass by yourself, im bad at this:)
*cutted myself in a finger, so a pair of gloves is really handy

Step 2: Tubes

I had this paper tube. Easy to cut, then i used some tape to wrap it around.

After that i spray-painted it gold.

Step 3: Glass Holder Part

Cut out 4 same circles and put the glass in the middle od two of them. Wrap tape around it´s edges.
You should end up wih 2 weird looking plates.

Then...gold paint again.

Step 4: Leather

This part goes on your eyes so it´s good to be soft.
Put it on leather, leave some space next to it, wrap it, cut it, glue it, cut it and wait until it´s dry.
....then you can superglue those edges of leather inside the tube
... or take needle and thread and sew it like i did. Takes a while but looks really good.

Step 5: Assembling

I used superglue to hold this 3 parts together but first i needed to figure how to hold those two oculars -that i´ll get- together. So i´ve used just this gold wire from champagne bottle. Make it tough so the oculars will not rotate. Choose a strong wire.
In the middle is a little copper ring for better look.

Step 6: Leather Strips and Rubber Band

Make 2 strips. Make them a bit longer, you can short it later by rolling it more or less and then you glue it.
I think that the photos are pretty clear. just bend it on one side and glue it, then glue the gear
Then roll the other end around a rubber band and superglue it. Make the same with the second leather strip.
When you will put it on your head, just roll it and try. Maybe ask someone to help you.

Step 7: Varnish

Last step is to spray a varnish over gold spray paint so vapors from it doesn´t get into your eyes.

Feel free to use anything to make them look better. I used that bending part from a straw, sprayed it gold and glued it on them.

And that´s it:-))) if you have questions or if there is any step that's unclear, just go ahead and ask me:)

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