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Introduction: Going Further

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Thank you for taking my jewelry class! If you enjoyed your experience, please share this class with a friend and consider taking another one of my classes (Arduino, Braids, Knitting, Internet of Things). I'd like to receive your feedback to improve this and future classes, so feel free to drop me a line.

If you make and document a jewelry project of your own, please consider writing an Instructable about it, and enter it in one of our frequent contests.

Step 1: Next, Try...

If you completed all the lessons in this class, you are bursting with jewelry making potential! You're ready to try almost any type of jewelry project and even create your own designs. Take a look at this collection of great jewelry making tutorials from the Instructables community:

Bezel-Setting Tutorial by MaggieJs

Simple Handmade Ear Wire by MarcyBell

Woven Wire Rings by watchmeflyy

Simple Sliding Knot Bracelet by alisha145

Rainbow Bead Hoop Earrings by ultimatecraftfan

Hand Making an Engagement Ring by bigchewypretzels

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