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Introduction: Gola Ganda! Shaved Ice on a Stick

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What can be better in hot weather than cool, sweet, colorful dessert! Shaved Ice on a Stick or as we call it "Gola Ganda" in our region, is something that has it all!

If you can get shaved ice, then it will be very easy to make. But if you don't, then do not worry, this instructable will make it easier.

Things you will need:
Ice Cubes
Red Sherbet or Fruit Syrup
Coconut Flakes
Green Food Coloring
Condensed Milk
Clean Cotton Cloth about 1 foot square piece
Hammer or something to crush ice
Ice-cream sticks or Bamboo Stick
Papercup or Ice-loly making cup

Step 1: Crush the Ice and Dye the Coconut!

Note: If you have Shaved Ice and Green Coconut Flakes, then skip this step!

If Green coconut flakes are not available in your area, then you need to dye them yourself. And it is rather simple.

Take 1 tbs of coconut flakes in a small bowl.

Pour in 1/2 tsp of green food coloring and mix well with spoon.

Now for crushing ice!

Take a clean cotton cloth and put in 6-7 ice cubes in it.

Fold the cloth and hold all corners together in your hand.

Using a hammer, crush the ice into very small pieces

Step 2: Putting in Taste!

When you have crushed the ice, put a stick in the cup and fill it with ice.

Keep the stick in center and press the ice with fingers until tightly packed.

Now you have two options;

1. Pour the fruit syrup/sherbet about 2-4 tbs depending on the size of cup you are using, when the ice is set in the cup.

2. Or take out the Gola Ganda out of the cup first and pour on it sherbet/syrups.

Option 2 is used by Professional Gola Ganda makers, but as for novice go for option 1.

Anyway, take out the Gola Ganda out of the cup and dip it in the Green coconut flakes.

Also, pour on condensed milk on it. and viola... Suck it and enjoy the freshness of Shaved Ice on a Stick or as we call it Gola Ganda!

*if you do not have any sherbet or syrup, try only coconut and condensed milk on it.

**another option is to pour Chocolate Sauce on it along Condensed Milk, they both taste delicious on it.

***You can try more than one flavor of fruit syrups/sherbets by using the option 2 mentioned above.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Gola khaaaooo, 10 rupea ka GOLA, mazzedaar GOLE khaaooo, GOLA baba aagea....I really miss those times, lol. Its been over 3 years I haven't eaten a GOLA. Ow and those supreme GOLA's in a bowl with vermicelli in them. drooooool...Thnx for reminding. I'm gonna get me some. Anyone know how to make those challi's (CORN) like the guy on the street? He has those challi's in charcoal and dresses them with LEMON and spices... drooooooooool, challilicious!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    but nothing beats "kala khatta gola @ juhu and chaupatti, mumbai! :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    oh niice, and with summer coming up soon, this will go down very nicely, i likes it