Gold Glam Eye Makeup - Mac - Mischief Minx Tutorial

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Here is a dramatic gold smokey eye. Perfect for any special occasion or just out in the club.

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Step 1:

First you want to apply this red eyeshadow and blend into the crease with a large fluffy brush.

Step 2:

Then with a smaller fluffy brush apply a chocolate brown shadow in the crease keeping it a little lower than the last colour.

Step 3:

With this champagne eyeshadow apply this all over the lid.

Step 4:

With this yellow gold eyeshadow apply this to the centre of the lid.

Step 5:

With this black eyeshadow and a pencil brush apply this to the inner and outer part of the eye blending this out and also into the crease. Also apply this to the lower lash line.

Step 6:

Now apply a wing to your eyes and a black eyeliner to the waterline.

Step 7:

With this pink highlighter apply this to the inner corner of the eyes.

Step 8:

To finish off this look apply mascara and false lashes.

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