How to Throw a California Gold Rush Party

Introduction: How to Throw a California Gold Rush Party

On January 24, 1848 James Marshall found a gold nugget that transformed San Francisco from a 200 person settlement into a 36,000 person boomtown. The gold rush paved the way for California friends to meet and it should be celebrated in style around a cozy table.

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Step 1: What to Wear

A gold rush party is nothing if not a classy affair, that's why I made my friends wear overalls, gaudy gold sequins, and spray painted ivy crowns.

Step 2: What to Eat

When planing a gold rush party think of everything that can possibly be made gold. Golden beats, butternut squash and corn are all good veggies. Leg of lamb is the meat of choice for any feast. Goldschlager drinks and champagne are necessities.

Step 3: How to Decorate

Just make everything gold.

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