Golden Gate Valentine's Card: PhotoCrafts by Mimi

Introduction: Golden Gate Valentine's Card: PhotoCrafts by Mimi

This a step by step easy to make Valentine's card using fun iPhone Apps and Photoshop Element software.
You can make one card or a set of 4.

Thank you for looking at my Instructable,
I hope that you enjoy it.
If you would like to see a selection of my cards you can visit me at :-

PhotoCrafts by Mimi  on Facebook
PhotoCraftsbyMimi    on Etsy

Step 1: Original Photograph Taken on My IPhone

This is the original photograph taken on my iPhone

Step 2: Pixlr O Matic (Free Autodesk IPhone App)

i added the original photo to the Pixlr o matic free autodesk App

Step 3: I Selected the Karen Effect for Its Color and Brightness

Once happy with the color and brightness I saved this to my iPhone camera roll

Step 4: Using Paint Fx App on IPhone

I then selected the paint effect App to add different effects and backgrounds.

Step 5: Upload From Camera Roll to Paint Fx

I uploaded the saved effect photo from my camera rollonto the Paint effect App.

Step 6: Select Colored Sketch

Scroll through the many effects available... I chose the Colored Sketch effect.

Step 7: Draw on IPhone Screen to Select Area to Transform

Using finger to draw on screen to create effect.

Step 8: Finished Effect

Finished effect.

Step 9: Add Another Layer to the Photo

Select add layer to make more changes.

Step 10: In Paint Fx Main Screen Select HD Texture Backgrounds

This is a way to get vairous backgrounds to enhance photographs.

Step 11: Select From My Background - Many Colors and Designs

Possibilitie are endless here, you can chose styles,  colors to enhance your photo.

Step 12: Draw Over the Selected Area to Transform on IPhone Screen

Using your finger once again draw over your iPhonr to get the desired effect.

Step 13: Save Updated Photo to IPhone Camera Roll

Save to Camera roll.

Step 14: Using IPhone Blender App - Select an Images to Blend - I Added Rose Hearts & Saved Golden Gate Image

1:- I used a saved photo of some heart roses saved on my camera roll
2:-  I used the saved Golden Gate camera roll photo
TIP: You may have to play around with shades and sizes to position the images where you want them.

Step 15: Using Photo Label Free App

I used Photo Label Free App, its brilliant for adding text and graphics to any photos from your camera roll.
1:- Add Saved Picture
2:- Type text
3:- Chose fonts and strokes ( nice selection of fonts and colors)
4:- Chose position of text
5:- Save to camera roll

Step 16: Final Color Tweak

I added the camera roll image to my Adobe  Element 7.0 on the laptop.
1:- Went to Editor, then selected quick fix.
2:- Went to the color section and played with the Hue, Temperature and Tint to get the desired effect.
3:- Then save as ... were almost there !!

Step 17: Printing

From Photoshop, I used the printing set up to arrange the printing format.
1:- Used good bright white letter size paper
2:- Selected the 4 pictures (sizes 3.5 x 5 inches) format to print
3:- On the printing preferences i went for the Photoshop Print
4:- Start to print.....and watch your artwork appear.

Step 18: Card Stock and Envelopes

Crafting cards or card stock are readily availble from most art supply stores.
I used A6 Classic Crest, in brilliant white
For mass production I get my cards from J C paper get more for your $

Step 19: Prepare Pictures for Mounting

Cut off excess paper with paper cutter, or a sharp blade.

Step 20: Putting Cards Together

Spray mount Elmers is ideal for this kind of work, as you can reposition the prints whilst still tacky.
 I do use the spray in a well ventilated room and wear a face mask.

Step 21: Finishing Touches

As the Valentine card is now in position,  I use a clean white cloth to go over the card gently pressing to get an even stick.

Step 22: Enjoy Your Finished Cards

Well here they are...... Hand Made valentine's Cards
There are many fun ways in making and transforming your own personalized cards with the many photo Apps and software available. Its fun and easy, sometimes a little patience is needed .... but the results are brilliant and its all at your finger tips.

Step 23: PhotoCrafts by Mimi

Thank you for looking at my Instructable,
Hope you enjoyed it.
If you would like to see a selection of my cards you can visit me at :-

PhotoCrafts by Mimi  on Facebook
PhotoCraftsbyMimi    on Etsy

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