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Introduction: Golden Snitch Earrings

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one friend of mine and her sister loves Harry Potter and I decided to make a gift for them, this earrings are made with some pieces you can find on internet or in a store like the hooks and the rings, the rest is a little, really little amount of cold porcelain.

so, you need

-little rings
-earrings hooks
-cold porcelain-
-gold color paint
-very thin wire

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Step 1: First Step

yu're gonna join every ring (I joined 10) to make each earring chain, then you join it to the earring's hook

Step 2: Second Step

now, make cold porcelain very tiny balls wait 30 minutes and string it to a piece of wire.

Use the pliers to make a little knot in one end that will avoid the snitch falls down
In the other end make a ring to join it to the chain

Step 3: Thirth Step

use a little amount for wings and white color, wait til gets hard

paint the balls that are now joined to the chains of the earrings with gold color paint

glue the wings to the snitches and you have your golden snitch earrings, enjoy it :D

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    Thanks, I hope you enjoy it :D